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This blog gives the list of blogs on cement, concrete and construction, created by the author, Dr J D Bapat.

Cement and construction development

This blog is created by the author, Dr J D Bapat, to inform and express views on the developments taking place in cement and construction sector.

Durable concrete

This blog has been created by the author, Dr J D Bapat, to inform viewers about the technological advances in durability and the sustainability of concrete.

Modern cement manufacturing

The author, Dr J D Bapat, created this blog to inform the viewers about the latest developments in cement manufacturing leading to productivity enhancement, energy conservation, environment protection and sustainable growth.

Sustainable construction
This blog has been created by the author, Dr J D Bapat, to inform and express views on the sustainable construction technology.

Website on cement, concrete and construction
This blog gives information on a new, highly informative website, developed by Dr J D Bapat, on cement, concrete and construction. The site has been launched for the promotion of trade, industry, education and research on the subject. Dr J D Bapat has been working in the area since last more than three decades. He possesses a rich experience in teaching, research, advisory, testing and training in almost all areas related to cement, concrete and construction.

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The principal aim of the group is to promote the sustainable development of cement, concrete and construction industry, through teaching, research and trade. In particular, contributions and suggestions from the members are welcome in the following areas: (a) Productivity enhancement, environment protection and energy saving in cement manufacturing, (b) Use of industrial wastes, such as fly ash, blast furnace and other slags, silica fume in cement and concrete, (c) use of agricultural wastes such as rice husk ash, bagasse ash and others in cement and concrete, (d) new admixtures in concrete, (e) areas for research and development

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Fuel cell technology blogs

This blog has been specially created to provide an easy access to the viewers interested in blogs related to fuel cell technology, created by Dr J D Bapat.

Sustainable living blogs

The author, Dr J D Bapat, expresses his views on how our life can be made healthy and sustainable, i.e. causing minimum harm to the surroundings. The list of blog relate to waste recycling, energy saving, effluent treatment, healthy lifestyle techniques and so on.

Higher education and research

The blog has been created to express thoughts and exchange information on higher education. The individuals engaged in teaching, research, administration of higher education are welcome to contribute through comments.

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  1. Concrete has long been recognized for its durability and performance as a structural element. However, its insulating benefits are gaining praise from the building experts. The concepts of life-cycle cost and assessment are increasingly used to analyze energy use and costs. The key to concrete’s insulating power is its capacity to absorb, store and gradual release of heat. Dr J D Bapat: http://jdbapat.livejournal.com

  2. *Pollution Cleaning Concrte: The Italian firm Italcementi developed a cement that cleans the surrounding environment. The cement is called TX Active. The concrete contains cement which has a semiconductor catalyst, namely titanium dioxide added to it. The catalyst assists photo catalytic breaking of the polluting gases into elements. A busy street in the Italian city Segrate, near Milan is being constructed using TX Active. Italcementi claims it has reduced nitric oxides in the area by as much as 60%. The buildings made with TX Active stay cleaner.

  3. Tall Stories in Mumbai:

    Shreepati Skies (Old Chikalwadi): 301 m, tallest and currently under construction
    Planet Godrej (Jacob Circle): 180 m
    Oberoi Woods Tower (Goregaon east): 170 m
    Shreepati Arcade (Nana Chowk): 161 m
    RNA Mirage (Worli): 158 m
    Source: The Times of India, Pune, 18 Dec. 2008

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